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Arago V3D Imaging Alignment
Model: EEWA550AL22
Price: $34,449.84


The Arago V3D is the fastest, most accurate aligner in the industry. Thanks to its DigiSmart™ technology, the Arago V3D's cameras track all four vehicle targets automatically and at any height. Rolling compensation can be performed without lifting the vehicle, guaranteeing readings in 2 minutes - now that's fast! The Arago V3D is perfect for those shops handling a high volume of alignments and looking for dramatic improvements in profitability.


  • DigiSmart™ Auto Tracking Camera System - Cameras track all four vehicle targets automatically and at any height.
  • EZ-Access (Wheels Off)* - Avoid working around the wheels when making adjustments. Access hard-to-reach adjustment points.
  • Software for Modified Vehicles - Minimize tire wear for vehicles with aftermarket wheels or other modifications.
  • Advanced Vehicle Dimensions - Advanced measurements such as setback, wheelbase, track width, diagonal measurements, and tire diameter are displayed to assist the operator in identifying driveability issues.
  • EZ-Link* - Displays OEM service information related to computer-controlled steering systems.
  • VODI™*- Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator, guides the technician through the measuring process and reduces the amount of time spent walking back and forth from the vehicle to the aligner console.
  • iShop™, ShopKey™, ASANet™, Mitchell1 compatible - Maintain consistency with OEM specs and access resource libraries.
  • Live 3D Modeling* - Provides accurate, real-time measurements that reduce setup and measurement times and generate serious productivity benefits.

*Patented and/or patent-pending features


  • 00055502000   Steering Wheel Holder
  • 00000096000   Brake Pedal Depressor
  • EAK0289J23A   Remote Control
  • EAK0268J52A   Universal Wheel Clamps and Shatter-proof Imaging Targets
  • EAK0256J71A   Ride Height Target Kit
  • EAK0289J86A   VIN Code Reader


  • EAK0289J06A   Premium Turntables
  • EAK0277J28A   Paddle Kit for Premium Turntables
  • EAK0277J39A   4-Post Rollback Kit
  • EAK0277J40A   12K Scissor Rollback Kit
  • EAK0277J47A   12K Scissor Roll Forward/Rollback Kit
  • EAK0277J67A   10K/14K Scissor Rollback Kit
  • EAK0277J45A   Hunter/Rotary Rollback Kit
  • 8-05320A           Frame Angle Gauge
  • EAK0268J62A   Universal Wheel Clamp Extension Kit (to 28")
  • EAK0268J63A   Alloy Quick Clamp Kit
  • P-1826               Convex Mirror 36" Wide with Hardware
  • EAK0222J83A   Hub Adapter Kit (Wheel-Off Alignment)
  • EAK0268J08A   Remote Display Readout with 30' Cable
  • EAK0289J91A   Drive-on Camera Aid


Three (3) year warranty on electronic parts, One (1) year on all other parts and labor.

Product Specification

Tire Diameter:Unlimited
Power Requirements:120/230V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz
Wheel Size:13" - 24"
Track Width:48" - 96"
Wheelbase:79" - 180"

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