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CMI300 Single Pulse Boost Welder

Item Number: CARNA90575    Supplier: CAR-O-LINER COMPANY

Lexus Certified Collision Center Program members and Lexus Authorized Collision Centers receive an additional discount on this item. Call the ADE Program at 800-368-6787 and ask to speak to the Collision Support Specialist for details.


The CMI300 Pulse compact and fully digital welder is designed to meet carmakers' standard for joining processes in thin high-tensile steel, aluminum and stainless steel. In addition to sheet metal welding, the CMI300 Pulse features MIG brazing with and without pulse of galvanized steel plates.  This ensures maintenance of the materials in terms of corrosion and strength and reduces post-treatment of distortion of plates and profiles to a minimum.  The result is cost-effective and efficient welding. 


  • 36 Pre-Set programs that meet requirements for welding and brazing
  • Double Pulse ensures precise control of the arc and minimizes weld spatter
  • Mig-A-Twist® ergonomic torch has a turnable swan neck for easy access to hard-to reach locations
  • Boost For All Main Voltages - Equipped with an electronic auto transformer for welding on all mono-phase and three-phase mains votages from 208V to 440V (50/60 Hz)
  • Four-Roll Wire System for stable wire feeding
  • Tacho Control of wire motor for ultra precise feeding
  • LED Light in the wire console for easy change of wire and wire rolls in low light environment
  • Soft-Key Control Panel with color display and an intuitive icon-based menu
  • Arc Adjust function for precision adjustment between soft and hard arc
  • Software Update via SD card


Two years

Product Specifications

  • Current Range: 15-300
  • Mains Voltage +/- 15% (50-60 Hz) V: 3 x 230 1 x 230
  • Minimum Generator Size: 16 kVa
  • Duty Cycle 100% / 40°C, A / V: 200 / 100 / 24.0
  • Duty Cycle 100% at 40°C, A / V: 230 / 60 / 25.5
  • Duty Cycle Max. / 40°C, A / % / V: 300 / 20 / 29.0
  • Duty Cycle 100% / 20°C A / V: 250 / 100 / 26.5
  • Duty Cycle Max. / 20°C, A / % / V: 300 / 60 / 29.0
  • Open Circle Voltage, V: 50-60
  • Protection Class (for outdoor use): IP 23S
  • Norm: IEC60974-1, IEC60974-5, IEC60974-10 CI,A
  • Dimensions: 32.99"H x 17.44"W x 48"L
  • Weight: 108.02 lbs.