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Superseded to EEWB567AP

BFH1000 Wheel Balancer with Opti-Line™ Software

Item Number: EEWB519S    Supplier: JOHN BEAN


The BFH1000 is the most advanced diagnostic wheel balancing system in the industry. Designed for power users and high-volume shops. the John Bean BFH1000  wheel balancer boasts one of the fastest floor-to-floor time in the industry, and also provides advanced diagnostics, such as Radial Runout, Wheel-Only Runout, Tread Depth Laser Detection and much more.

The John Bean BFH Series Wheel Balancers will enable you to:

  • Perform lightening-fast balances in a single spin - every time.
  • Handle a wide range of aftermarket / high-performance wheels.
  • Improve safety by identifying customers tread depth and drivability issues.


  • Mount the wheel with patented Power Clamp
  • Collect measurements in six seconds!
  • Radial Runout
  • Wheel-only Runout
  • Automatic spoke detection
  • Tread depth laser detection
  • Match-mounting
  • Opti-Line™ Software


  • Power Clamp Nut Kit, EAA0307G54A
  • Calibration Weight, EAM0005D40A
  • Wheel Width Gauge, EAA0247G21A
  • Weight Pliers, 00058839000


  • EAK0221J31A   7 Cone Kit (1.7" - 6.3")
  • EAK0221J60A   4 Cone Kit (2.1" - 5.2")
  • EAK0221J50A   One Ton Plate Package (Provides lug-centering capability for most passenger cars and light trucks through 1 ton. CenTor Plates, Application Chart, Lug Nut Diameter Gauge, and CenTor Studs)
  • EAK0221J55A   Platinum Package 1 (Use with 7 cone set. Includes Precision Spacer Disc™, CenTor Plates and Studs, Lug Nut Diameter Gauge, Application Chart, SP Centering Spacer and Collets, Large Truck Cone, Large Spacer Disc, and OEM Centering Collet™)
  • EAK0221J56A   Platinum Package 2 (Use with 7 Cone Set. Includes Precision Spacer Disc™, Speed Plate™ 4, 5, & 6 Lug,Torque Stud Tips, CenTor Plate, CenTor Studs, SP entering Spacer and Collets, Large Truck Cone, Large Spacer Disc, and OEM Centering Collet™)


OEM Program 3 year parts and labor 

Product Specifications

  • Maximum Wheel & Tire Assembly Weight: 154 lbs.
  • Maximum Wheel & Tire Assembly Diameter: 44"
  • Maximum Wheel & Tire Assembly Width: 21"
  • Wheel Diameter Range: 8" - 30"
  • Balancer Shaft Diameter: 40 mm
  • Balancing Accuracy: 0.05 oz
  • Scanner Accuracy: 0.0039"
  • Measuring Speed: 200 r.p.m.
  • Weight Storage Pockets: 28
  • Data Entry (Wheel Distance, Diameter & Width): Automatic, Non-Touch
  • Dimensions: 64"D x 64"W x 64"H
  • Shipping Weight: 550 lbs.
  • Power Requirements: 230 V, 1 PH, 60 Hz
  • Display: Elevated LCD Flat Screen Color Monitor