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B2000P Diagnostic Wheel Balancing System

Item Number: EEWB582AP230    Supplier: JOHN BEAN


Error proof results and state-of-the-art analysis provides customer satisfaction.  The B2000P automated diagnostic wheel balancing system offers touchless measurement and analysis.  Automatic inputs remove the chance for error and inaccurate results.  When combined with precise wheel balancing, the Runout Force Vectoring (RFV) diagnostics assure uniformity based total ride quality.


  • Runout Measurement
    • Hundreds of thousands of measurement points are taken with a resolution of 0.004" (0.1mm) to create a 3D model of the tire and wheel assembly
  • Laser Based Runout
    • Quickly and easily provides advanced geometry related measurements, using technology that surpasses the performance of mechanical roller-based systems 
  • Automatic 3D Tire Laser Mapping System
    • High resolution camera and laser based topography mapping emulates the same technology used by tire manufacturers in industrial applications.  Tire tread and sidewall color analysis allows depth, wear and abnormalities to be displayed in a simple to interpret format.
  • Automatic Inputs
    • Optical scanners automatically measure the wheel.  The scanners recognize the wheel type/edge.  Correct weight type and size shown to aid productivity
  • Automatic Balance Measurements
    • The color display shows the location of any imbalance and identifies the optimal tape or clip-on weight location
    • Automatically measures assembly and rim runout and calculates runout force vectoring for a quick fix match-mounting solution
  • Automatic Behind the Spoke Weight Placement
    • A laser indicates the exact weight location behind the spoke
  • Patented Automatic Power Clamp
    • The electromechanical power clamp device always clamps the wheel accurately with a constant force
    • Provides a reliable and consistent condition to assure accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Opti-line
    • Improves ride performance and pull problems that cannot be fixed by alignment alone
    • Eliminates multiple tire rotations to reposition tires and reduces time required for road tests
    • Handles any kind of wheel, including wheels with directional tires
    • Address pull or vibration related issues by suggesting the optimal location for each wheel in the set based on tire concity or radial runout


  • EAK0221J94B - Acura® / Honda® Tooling Kit
  • EAK0221J95C - Audi® / Volkswagen® Tooling Kit
  • EAK0221J96B - BMW® / Mini® Tooling Kit
  • EAK0221J83A - Chrysler® / Dodge® / Jeep® Tooling Kit
  • EAK0309J01D - Lexus® / Toyota® / Scion® Tooling Kit
  • Ford® / Lincoln® / Mercury® Tooling Kit - EAK0221J97C
  • General Motors® Tooling Kit - EAK0221J74B
  • Infiniti® / Nissan® Tooling Kit - EAK0221J98A
  • Jaguar® / Land Rover® Tooling Kit - EAK0221J99C
  • Maybach® / Mercedes-Benz® Tooling Kit - EAK0309J02C
  • Subaru® Tooling Kit - EAK0309K03B
  • John Bean® Gloves - JBGLOVE500
    • Available in Adult XXL, XL, L, M, and S sizes


One (1) year warranty

Product Specifications

  • Max Wheel & Tire Assembly Weight: 154 lbs. (69.9kg)
  • Max Wheel & Tire Assembly Diameter: 44" (112cm)
  • Max Wheel & Tire Assembly Width: 20" (50.8cm)
  • Shaft Diameter: 40mm
  • Shaft Length: 8.86" (22.5cm)
  • Measuring Speed: 200 RPM
  • Balancing Accuracy: 1g / 0.7°
  • Wheel Diameter Range: 8" - 30" (20.32cm - 76.2cm)
  • Dimensions (DxWxH): 51.7"x34.2"x72.2" (131x86.87x183.4cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 418lbs (190kg)
  • Power Requirements: 230V 1Ph 50/60Hz