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EHP System IV-E Tire Changer Rim Cap 24" x 15"

Item Number: EEWH514BE    Supplier: JOHN BEAN

Note: Image shown includes optional safety restraint arm and pneumatic bead assist.


This automatic tilt tower tire changer can handle virtually every wheel available today. Automatic tilt tower units feature automatic pneumatic locking of the rim offset to provide maximum cosmetic safety for expensive wheels. The tilt tower also provides the technician with maximum clearance for placing rims and tires in the mount/de-mount clamping position. Standard is the Pneumatic Bead Assist. The assist function is positioned on the right side, convenient to the technician. Three individual assemblies, a top pressing roller, a bead depressing foot and a lifting disc aid the technician in mounting and de-mounting today’s low aspect and run flat tires.


  • Made for low profile and run flat tires
  • Rigid design assists in preventing wheel and tire damage
  • Tilt tower design with automatic mount/demount head locking 
  • Ergonomically positioned bead breaker control - pedal is positioned away from teh bead breaker with a guard, preventing the operator from accidentally stepping on and activating it while standing next to the bead breaker
  • Integrated pressure limiter stops air flow once pressure has reached 55 psi (3/5 bar) preventing accidental tire over-inflation
  • Self-centering nylon-covered clamps grip securely and protect the wheel
  • Two powerful clamping cylinders provide uniform clamping pressure and increased power
  • Replaceable nylon inserts for demount head prevent wheel scratching 


  • Paste bucket and brush kit (RTT75NKIT)
  • Jaw protectors (ST4027645)
  • Tire lever (EAA0247G02A)
  • Adjustable 4-jaw wheel clamp
  • Integrated bead-seating jets
  • Pressure timer
  • Twin cylinder turntable clamping


  • EAA0270J11A Safety Restraint Arm
  • EAA0329G34B Pneumatic Bead Assist
  • EAA0304G14A Wave Tire Tool
  • ST4026853 Rim Protector - Snaps on to rim of wheel (use with Wave Tire Tool)
  • ST4029456 +4 Clamp Extensions - Extends outer clamping diameter to 28"
  • ST4028648 Magic Bead Pusher (use with Pneumatic Bead Assist)
  • EAA0247G15A Protective Inserts - for mount/demount head


One (1) year


Product Specifications

  • Outer-clamping Diameter Range: 10" to 24"
  • Inner-clamping Diameter Range: 12" - 24"
  • Maximum Wheel Width: 15"
  • Maximum Tire Diameter: 40"
  • Compressed Air Supply: 110 to 170 psi
  • Tilt-Tower / Swing-Arm Configuration: Tilt-Tower
  • Adjustable 4-Claw Wheel Clamp: Yes
  • Integrated Bead-Seating Jets: Yes
  • Pressure Limiter: Yes
  • Twin Cylinder Turntable Clamping: Yes
  • Bead Breaker Power: 3,400 lbs. @ 170 psi
  • Bead Breaker Range: Single Position 3" - 16"
  • Shipping Weight: 960 lbs.
  • Electrical Requirements: 120V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz
  • Recommended Floor Space: 72"W x 78"D