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Superseded to EEWH517AK

EHP System V Automatic Tilt Tower Tire Changer

Item Number: EEWH517A    Supplier: JOHN BEAN


The tire fitting machine JBC EHP SYSTEM V features standard equipment that complies with the "wdk" directive (German rubber industry association) for handling UHP and run flat tires. The professional tire fitting machine with patented MH320 Pneumatic Bead Assist is equipped to handle wheel diameters up to 30". The machine achieves its flexibility thanks to its configuration, which allows fitting and removal of all tires commonly found on the market in the passenger and commercial vehicle sector up to PAX/CSR tires (optional). The JBC EHP SYSTEM V’s combination of speed, versatility and safety translate to better wheel service and increased profits for your business.


  • The heavy duty construction is extremely well suited to cope with the prevalent forces, especially when handling wide and low profile tires.
  • The unit is equipped with a plastic guard on the mount/de-mount head and on the clamp jaws to ensure the tires and rims are not damaged or scratched.
  • The innovative design of the clamp jaws enables an external clamping range of 12" to 26", with the option to extend this to 30".
  • The tilt tower pillar can be tilted forwards and backwards by pedal pneumatically and locks in the working position pneumatically.
  • The mount/de-mount head is placed by the technician at the rim edge and is automatically adjusted vertically and horizontally and pneumatically locked away from the rim.
  • Horizontally, the mount/de-mount head is guided on rollers.
  • The speed of the turn table allows a pedal controlled forward speed of 7 rpm. 
  • The oversized tire lever ensures pressing off of the tire without damage to the wheel and an anti-slip rubber layer in the clamping jaws prevents the wheel from slipping.
  • The pedal-controlled inflation system uses a pressure gauge mounted in the storage bin.
  • The quick inflator valve assures that the tire is inflated quickly and safely.
  • The 5 ergonomically located pedals facilitate simple handling.
  • Thanks to the integrated pneumatic fitting and removal aid MH320, run-flat tires can be handled quickly and easily. The fitting aid is indispensable particularly for fitting and removing low profile tires and wheels with run flat properties.
  • The integrated bead depressor turns with the wheel. The bead depressor is a powerful device and relieves the otherwise tiring work of the fitter in a way that avoids damage to the tire and rim completely.
  • A pneumatically controlled roller directly on the mounting head takes over the task of depressing the bead during fitting.
  • To replace the upper bead, the tire is held down in the drop center of the rim by the bead depressor arm which makes it easier for it to be fitted.
  • An additional pneumatically controlled lifting disc is an ideal aid to lift the bottom bead during removal.


  • 4929338   VW/Audi Mounting Head for rims with protruding spokes. Includes 4030767 plastic protection
  • Standard Service Pack  Outside Clamping Jaw Protectors (set of 4), snap-in jaw protector, protective insert for mount/demount head (4 each)
  • EAA0304G15A   Protective Cover for bead breaker shovel
  • EAA0304G52A   Rim Protector, snaps onto rim of wheel (3 each – use with Wave Tire Tool EAA0304G14A)
  • EAA0247G15A   Protective Insert for mount/demount head (10 each)
  • EAA0304G14A   Wave Tire Tool
  • EAA0304G92A   Magic Bead Pusher (use with MH320 Bead Assist Device)
  • EAA0304G43A   Bead Breaker Disc (Use with Hex Bar EAA0329G92A)


EAA032G91A                Automotive Adapters – Extends outer clamping range up to 30”


One (1) year

Product Specifications

  • Outer-wheel Clamping Diameter: 12" - 23"
  • Inner-wheel Clamping Diameter: 14" - 28"
  • Overall Wheel Clamping Diameter: 12" - 28"
  • Bead Breaker Range (Position 1) : 2.5" - 12"
  • Bead Breaker Range (Position 2) : 6" - 17"
  • Bead Loosening Power: 6,000 lbs.
  • Maximum Wheel Width: 17"
  • Maximum Outer Tire Diameter: 47"
  • Compressed Air Supply: 100 to 175 psi @ 5 CFM
  • Work Area Dimensions: 72” D x 68” W x 85” H
  • Power Requirements: 120 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz
  • Shipping Weight : 975 lbs.