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ATC 1000 Automatic Tire Changer

Item Number: EEWH536B    Supplier: JOHN BEAN


The Quadriga ATC 1000 is the industry’s first truly automatic tire changer. No other tire changer automatically measures tire diameter, uses imaging technology to precisely profile the wheel, automatically positions the tire for hydraulically-driven dual bead breaking, and uses precise motor controls to remove the tire from the wheel.

Standard features include an integrated wheel lift to handle heavy lifting, a hydraulically-activated center clamp that safely clamps the wheel without the risk of damage associated with table-top machines. Smart Vision™ laser-guided bead-breaking and demounting tools completely eliminate tool-to-wheel contact for damage-free and worry-free tire and wheel handling. The Quadriga ATC 1000 is the first tire industry application of laser imaging brought to you by the company that invented imaging technology for use with shop equipment. Relax...It’s Automatic!

Handling today’s alloy and composite wheels are a critical part of the overall customer satisfaction experience. John Bean has designed the Quadriga ATC 1000 to "Do No Harm" when handling expensive wheels and tires.

Ergonomic Design

  • LCD message station
  • Single paddle switch control
  • Conveniently located foot pedals
  • Bead Push™ provides a “second set of hands” for fast and safe tire mounting
  • All controls designed to reduce technician fatigue and allow for safe wheel handling

Innovative Industry-First Design

  • Automatic tire diameter measurement during wheel lifting – the turntable is already centered to the tire when the lift positions it for automatic clamping
  • Automatic laser scanning of the wheel’s edge using Smart Vision™ wheel and tire profiling
  • Automatic wheel position for dual bead breaking usin Smart Vision™ wheel and tire profiling
  • Automatic positioning of the mount/demount tools – technician friendly to eliminate tire and wheel damage and speed cycle time

Safe DNH™ Operation

  • Wheel lift designed to handle today’s larger wheel and tire assemblies – safer for your technicians
  • Hydraulically-controlled center clamping – avoid wheel damage
  • “Hands-Free” Precise bead breaking – no damage to tire and wheels
  • Precision mount/demount tools – leverless – avoids wheel damage – safer for your technicians
  • Topside Inflation – single pedal operation with dual-control bead blast and inflate – blasting is from the top down for safer inflation

Intelligent Wheel Lift- Essential for today’s heavy tires and wheels

  • Front-mounted wheel lift with single switch control, effortlessly positions the tire on the turntable
  • Automatically measures the outside diameter of the tire, allowing for accurate positioning on the pedestal when lifted! 
  • Ensures proper handling, reducing chances of damaging expensive wheels

Center-Post Hydraulic Clamp

  • Quick and effortless clamping of the wheel and tire assembly 
  • Eliminates wheel diameter as a factor in being able to handle all custom and OEM wheels
  • Enhances operator safety and eliminates wheel damage associated with outer/inner wheel clamping 
  • Clamps at the center, the wheel’s strongest point

Smart Vision™ Wheel And Tire Profiling

  • Assures precise, worry-free tire removal and installation 
  • Translates laser-imaging profiles into precise positions for the bead breaker rollers and robotic bead removal tools

No-Contact Upper And Lower Bead Breaker Discs

  • Computer-programmed sequence that assures precise placement of the upper and lower polymer disc rollers
  • Smoothly and effortlessly rolls the bead off the wheel, unlike shovel-styled bead breakers 
  • Assures safe separation of tire beads from the wheel’s bead seat area without fear of damaging tires, wheels, or inflation sensors 
  • Works on reverse drop-center wheels without additional effort

Leverless No-Contact Mount/Demount Tools

  • Tools are automatically positioned safely and precisely via patented imaging technology - eliminating damage caused by tool-to-wheel contact 
  • Designed to perfectly match the shape of the tire bead and wheel bead seat area
  • Assures precise and consistent removal of the tire with no contact to the wheel 
  • Mounting tires is just as safe and easy as removing them! 
  • Bead Push™ - Integrated bead pusher aids in mounting the upper bead on any tire with ease. Unique two-position design controls positioning the bead into the drop center. No need to involve another technician - it’s like having another set of hands!

Topside Inflation

  • Dual controls and double-step blast controls assure safe inflation on a wide range of tires and wheels
  • Topside bead blast is the best way to inflate today’s stiff sidewall and EMT tires

NOTE: To make the most of your Tire Changer investment, pair the Quadriga ATC 1000 with John Bean’s BFH 1000 Total Ride Performance Wheel Balancer System. The BFH 1000 uses touchless, laser imaging technology to determine the optimal match for each tire and wheel assembly. The Quadriga ATC 1000 then quickly indexes the tire and wheel. Eliminate customer comebacks by reducing vibration due to non-uniformity issues!

ST4028648 Magic Bead Pusher
ST4026853 Rim protector, snaps onto rim of wheel


One Year 

Product Specifications

  • Air Requirements: 100 toi 170 p.s.i.
  • Dimensions: 67"D x 47"W x 79"H
  • Maximum Tire Diameter: 47"
  • Maximum Wheel Weight: 154 lbs.
  • Maximum Wheel Width: 17"
  • Power Requirements: 230 V, 1 ph, 60 Hz
  • Shipping Weight: 2,050 lbs.
  • Wheel Diameter Range: 10" - 30"