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Superseded to EEWH542AJBC

Pegasus ATC 800 Automatic Tire Changer

Item Number: EEWH537A    Supplier: JOHN BEAN


John Bean’s Pegasus ATC 800 Leverless Tire Changer has an innovative design that provides for outstanding performance and productivity, putting it far ahead of the competition. The Pegasus ATC 800 offers the best value for your money because of features such as laser indexing for fast, one-time positioning of the mount/demount head, a unique bead lifting tool and a host of other features that will make any technician an expert. The Pegasus ATC 800 will transform your wheel service business by allowing you to process more cars per day, increase the range of wheels and tires you service, and reduce wheel damage.

Handling today’s alloy and composite wheels are a critical part of the overall customer satisfaction experience. John Bean has designed the Pegasus ATC 800 to "Do No Harm" when handling expensive wheels and tires.


Exclusive Laser-Indexed, Leverless Demounting

  • The laser acts as a visual guide when indexing the demount head to the wheel’s edge quickly and precisely the first time, every time, eliminating wheel contact 
  • Swing the demount head out of the workspace when not in use with the press of the foot pedal 
  • From the Inventors of Imaging Technology for Shop Equipment

No-Contact Bead Breaker

  • TPMS-Friendly Rotating Design
  • Does not touch the wheel 
  • Technician controls both the bead-breaking disc position and angle to break the bead on the most difficult tires
  • Disc angle adjustment ensures proper positioning of the bead-breaking disc for quick and safe demounting without damage to the bead or sidewall 
  • Does not rely on breakable "finger" tool or other device for indexing, unlike competitor’s models
    Bead Push™
  • Essential for mounting the upper bead on today’s tires - mount upper beads on any tire with ease! 
  • Like having a second set of hands available - no need to involve another technician 
  • Unique two-position design automatically controls positioning of the bead into the drop center
    Wheel Lift
  • Essential For today’s heavy tires and wheels 
  • Side-mounted wheel lift raises the wheel to the height of the turntable - standard with tire changer 
  • Ensures proper handling, reducing chances of damaging expensive wheels 
  • A standard feature - unlike competitor’s models

Improved Center-Post Clamp Design

  • Improved design clamps at the center, the wheel’s strongest point 
  • One-man operation to lift and secure the wheel - no more wrestling with the wheel to position it for clamping
  • Quick-Nut: Easy and fast clamping without wheel damage. Locks with even force on any wheel type 
  • Adjustable height turntable allows clamping on standard and reverse-mount wheels

Topside Inflation

  • Single pedal control - light press for tire inflation, firm press activates inflation and topside bead blast 
  • Topside bead blast is the best way to inflate today’s stiff sidewall and EMT tires

NOTE: Match-Mounting - To make the most of your Tire Changer investment, pair the Pegasus ATC 800 with John Bean’s BFH 1000 Total Ride Performance Wheel Balancer System. The BFH 1000 uses touchless, laser imaging technology to determine the optimal match for each tire and wheel assembly. The Pegasus ATC 800 then quickly indexes the tire and wheel. Eliminate customer comebacks by reducing vibration due to non-uniformity issues!

EAA0349G04A Wheel Clamping Kit
EAA0347G81A Support Device
EAA0096G70A Spare Plastic Inserts for Demount Head
EAA0097G70A Spare Plastic Inserts for Demount Claw
EAA0349G05A Extended Threaded Retainer Shaft
ST1028648 Magic Bead Pusher
ST4026853 Rim Protector, snaps onto rim of wheel

EAA0358G58A Reverse-Mounted Wheel Kit
EAA0349G06A Light-Truck Wheel Kit


One Year

Product Specifications

  • Air Requirements: 100 to 170 p.s.i.
  • Dimensions: 69"D x 67"W x 81"H
  • Maximum Wheel Weight: 154 lbs.
  • Maximum Wheel Width: 17"
  • Power Requirements: 120 V, 1 Ph, 60 Hz
  • Shipping Weight: 770 lbs.
  • Wheel Diameter Range: 12" - 30"
  • Maximum Tire Diameter: 47"