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T7800 All In One Tire Changer

Item Number: EEWH586AUB    Supplier: JOHN BEAN


T7800 All In One Tire Changer

The John Bean T7800 Tire Changer combines high-productivity features with high-performance reliability. Engineered with superior functionalities that require less effort for technicians to operate an advanced set of tools that minimize the risk of rim damage during operation.


  • quickLOK™  -  The fast and effortless automatic wheel clamping with center post design
    • No wheel damage
    • No jaw protection required
    • No need to “push” the rim into the jaws
    • No restriction on rim size
    • Constant locking force
    • Electromechanical lock/unlock switch on the panel
    • Dynamic Bead Breaker
      • No wheel damage
      • Enhances precision and productivity with synchronized dual disks
      • Adjustable pneumatic tilt disk enables easy operation with hard sidewall tires
  • On Floor Bead Breaker
    • Ease-of-use
    • Fastest bead breaking for soft sidewall and high aspect ratio tires
    • Shovel actuated by a switch on the handle
  • powerMONT™ -  The innovative, fast, and easy-to-use leverless mount and demount system
    • FAST
      • Synchronizes automatically with dynamic bead breaker position for enhanced speed
      • Fast disengage and repositioning
    • SAFE
      • Optimal tool design protects the bead from stress during operation
      • Plastic protection avoids rim damage at all times
      • Intuitive and simple operation control
      • Improved steel quality, unique design and plastic protection guarantee steady tire mount and demount


EAA0304G16A Lube Brush
EAA0408G33A Plastic Tire Protector
EAA0358G85A Bead Clamp
EAA0377G23A Smart Bead Spacer
EAC0099G38A Bead Extraction Tool
EAA0304G15A Bead Breaker Blade Protector
EAM0058G12A Reduction Cone Ø64mm
EAM0058G07A Reduction Cone Ø78m
Reduction Cone (Ø120mm), EAC0099G40A
EAC0102G25A Reduction Cone Ø145mm
AA0364G00A Reverse Mount Wheel Kit → (5) 24mm cylindrical tip pins → (5) 24mm conical tip pins
Cone Kit 42-85mm ((1) Steel Cone, (3) Plastic Protectors), EAK0317G32A
powerMONT™ (10) Upper Tool Protector, EAK0330G57A
powerMONT (10) Lower Tool Protector, EAK0330G58A
7.5 lbs Lube Bucket, 8-03229A
Spacer for Bead Breaker (20mm), EAA0440G51A
Spacer for Bead Breaker (50mm), EAA0440G52A
Spacer for Bead Breaker (70mm), EAA0440G53A


One (1) year

Product Specifications

  • Wheel Lift Capability: 154 lbs (70kg)
  • Standard Power Supply: 230V 1ph 50-60hz 16A
  • Air Pressure Required: 116-174 psi (8-12 bar)
  • Footprint (WxDxH): 58" x 73" x 74" (1481 x 1863 x 1880mm)
  • Max Rim Diameter: 12"-30"
  • Max Tire Width: 15" (380mm)
  • Max Rim Width: 13" (330mm)
  • Max Wheel Diameter: 47" (1200mm)
  • Reverse Wheels (Clearance/Flange Tool): 12" (305mm)
  • Shipping Weight: 1190 lbs (540kg)